Service Users Moving On & Resettlement

The time scales for service users moving on varies and is dependent up on each individual.

Our aim is to prepare individuals for independent living and ensure they have had some time to reflect and recover from their immediate traumas.  They will then be helped to move into independent living and linked into other services that can help with their longer term recovery.

A service user is ready to move on usually at an agreed time, or at the end of their licence agreement with help from their support worker and should wherever possible be a planned move. By the time a resident moves on our aim is to ensure that they have the best possible chance of success. They should:

  • Be feeling less traumatised.
  • Understand what has happened to them and why.
  • Have access to affordable housing
  • Be in receipt of local authority support, benefit entitlement or be in employment.
  • Be aware of their rights in the UK.
  • Have any necessary court protection required in place
  • Be equipped to manage their own tenancy.
  • Feel empowered

(the list above is not exhaustive and key elements may vary from person to person).

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9.  . Wakefield University MSc Social Work Student leaving Palm Cove Society following Placement (crown made by her Palm Cove Society mentors)

“I would like to thank you all for the opportunity and the fantastic experience.  You are a great team, actually the Best.

I will miss you all.”