Specialist Domestic Violence Scheme

Domestic Violence is a criminal act that is usually inflicted on an individual in the family home by the spouse (husband or wife), or the spouse and extended family members.

Like a Forced Marriage, the abuse can involve one or more of the following: coercive control, physical violence, emotional abuse suggesting the individual should feel guilt or shame, psychological abuse, sexual assaults and financial abuse or coercion.  To find out more about domestic violence visit Women’s Aid.

Perpetrators of domestic violence use this as a method to control and dis-empower their partners, particularly if you have arrived in the UK on a Spouse Visa.

If you are on a Spouse Visa you may be told that no one can help you. This is not true, you may be able to access the Destitute Domestic Violence Concession or access some other support.

You can visit the Home Office website for more information about Spouse visas.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse there are many agencies that can help you and supported accommodation in safe places where you can go to live. If you need more support or advice telephone:

Women’s Aid & Refuge Helpline: 0808 2000 247

If you are in immediate danger telephone 999 and tell the police that you are a victim of domestic abuse and need immediate help.

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