Case Studies

Modern Slavery – Katy’s Life After 30 Years of Captivity

Modern Slavery – KatyKaty’s past has been extensively documented, she now wishes to discuss her achievements since being assisted to escape captivity.

What have you enjoyed since moving to Palm Cove Society?

So many things! I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends. I’m so happy I’m now able to choose my own reading material and watch what I want on TV! Everything was so controlled when I was forced to live with the cult…                            […read more...]

Modern Slavery Rescue

Good luck card

Alex (not his real name) arrived at Palm Cove Society in 2016. Alex was rescued after the police raided a property that he was being held in for the purpose of forced labour and exploitation.

Alex was provided with safe, secure accommodation at Palm Cove Society to give him breathing space and time to reflect and recover from his experiences…             
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Modern Slavery – Success Story of a Victim of Trafficking

Slavery - hands tiedJacob (not his real name) was trafficked into the UK in 2010, he was told by his traffickers that he could earn a good wage in the UK. Jacobs journey was planned and paid for by the traffickers. The day he arrived in the UK, his ID documents were taken and he was put straight to work. Jacob was never paid for the work he did, he worked 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day and was given left over food to eat…                    […read more…]

Forced Marriage & Trafficking – Male 1

Mr Z was referred to Palm Cove Society by a Police Force Domestic Violence Team for urgent accommodation.

Mr Z was married to a British Citizen abroad.  He came to the UK on a Spousal Visa and joined his wife in the marital home. Mr Z advises that he found the atmosphere in the house unwelcoming…

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Forced Marriage & Trafficking – Female 1

Ms S married her husband, a British Citizen, abroad in her country of birth. Ms S confirms that this was a forced marriage arranged  between her parents and her husband’s parents…

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Forced Marriage & Trafficking – Male 2

Mr M married his wife a British Citizen in the Middle East. Mr M arrived in the United Kingdom shortly after to join his wife and her extended family.

The marriage was problematic from the start. Mr M described being physically, emotionally, mentally and verbally abused..

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Forced Marriage & Trafficking – Female 2

Ms X was referred to Palm Cove Society as a destitute adult fleeing Domestic Abuse following a forced marriage in her home country. Her husband is a British Citizen.

Incidents of abuse were reported to the Police on various occasions…

[…read more…]

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9.  . Wakefield University MSc Social Work Student leaving Palm Cove Society following Placement (crown made by her Palm Cove Society mentors)

“I would like to thank you all for the opportunity and the fantastic experience.  You are a great team, actually the Best.

I will miss you all.”