Our Ethos

Whilst residing in accommodation at Palm Cove society, we aim to deliver a high quality service to those eligible.

Our service is provided within a collaborative environment, whilst committed to the principles of unconditional and inclusive respect and support. It will be achieved by instilling in residents the confidence, life skills and ability to create a new vision for themselves and their family.

Philosophy Statement

Individuals are more than a situation, or the difficulties they may be experiencing at any point in time. Enabling them is a key aspect to the work of Palm Cove society. We aim to provide safe supportive environments for men, women and children to live and develop within. We believe that our residents need space, time respect and personal control to come to terms with their situation and go on to develop and realise their potential. In this way they adapt to their new found environment and can begin to find their own solutions.

Company Objects

The Company’s object is to carry on activities which benefit communities, in particular refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, victims of modern slavery, human trafficking, forced marriage, honour based violence, FGM, homeless people and in addition, women, men and children who have been subjected to domestic violence or other individuals similarly disadvantaged (the “Residents”).

Equal Opportunities Statement

We recognize the diversity of all individuals and are committed to the principle of equality and opportunities for everyone.

No individual referred to Palm Cove Society will be treated less favourable due to incidentals such as pregnancy, marital status, race, colour, nationality, ethnicity, disability or health/mental health status.


Palm Cove Society are committed to the elimination of any form of abuse and harassment by any individual whether they are children, young people, adults, residents, employees, volunteers, mentors, students or visitors. We also understand the importance of listening to children and young people. Our organisation will work in partnership with any agency, organisation or statutory body committed the principles of safeguarding young people and adults from abuse.

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A Bradford University Student on placement at Palm Cove Society has been offered the opportunity to work with us during her 2015 summer break. She wrote:

“Hi Yvonne and Gerard.  Just emailing you bot… Read more