Forced Marriage & Trafficking Case Study 2

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Ms S married her husband, a British Citizen, abroad in her country of birth. Ms S confirms that this was a forced marriage arranged between her parents and her husband’s parents. Following the marriage, Mr A stayed with Ms S family for one month before returning to the United Kingdom. During this time Ms S reports that her husband refused to communicate normally with her, instead he would use foul language towards her and shout at her.

When Mr A returned to the United Kingdom he would telephone his mother regularly but refuse to speak to his wife except on the odd occasion. Ms S states that on the occasions that she managed to speak to Mr A she would tell him that his mother was not treating her well, expecting her to do all the household chores and swearing at her. Her husband did not intervene and told her that “wives can be replaced but mothers cannot.”

When Ms S arrived in the United Kingdom on a Spousal Visa, Mr A and his male friend met her at the Airport and told Ms S that they were going to the friend’s house to eat. Ms S told her husband that she was unwell and extremely tired after the long journey and wished to go home and rest.

Her husband took her to the marital home and shouted at her, slapping her hard on the head. He accused Ms S of insulting him in front of his friend. Ms S stated that she went to the bedroom to lie down but her husband began to repeatedly slam the door to prevent her from resting. In the morning her husband continued shouting and verbally abusing her.

Ms S states that the following evening after she had gone to bed, her husband demanded sexual intercourse. Ms S explained to her husband that she was unwell; Ms S states that her husband then assaulted her and tried to rape her, grabbing her hair and throwing her down on the bed. Ms S managed to escape from the room and locked herself in the toilet where she was forced to spend the remainder of the night, as her husband then locked all the other rooms in the house.

The following morning Ms S reports that her husband attacked her again, this time threatening to kill her; he also threatened to mentally abuse her to such an extent that she would develop psychiatric problems at which point she could be deported.

Ms S explained that her husband then took her into the kitchen and held the back of her hands over the open gas fire flame. Ms S also states that Mr A held a knife previously heated in the gas flame, against her bare legs. He then grabbed her arm and slammed it against the table. As this was happening Mr A received a call on his mobile and left the house locking all the doors and telling her that he would kill her when he returned.

Ms S called out of the window to two people walking past, she begged them for help. They told her to call 999, which she did.

Police Officers removed Ms S from the property.

She is still recovering from her ordeal in the safe environment of Palm Cove Society where staff are helping her to come to terms with her situation.

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Palm Cove Society

George Frost

George arrives at Palm Cove Society with a background not only in policing but also in supporting adult offenders in the community and within probation hostels. For the past 10 years, George has served as a police officer, specialising in organised crime, human trafficking, and county lines investigations. His focus has been on protecting vulnerable individuals caught up in these operations and disrupting criminal activities.

As our new Head of Safeguarding, George will oversee all safeguarding issues, ensuring that our clients receive the appropriate care and protection. He approaches these matters with both robustness and compassion. George collaborates with internal and external organisations to provide the best possible care for our clients.

George is a committed and enthusiastic advocate for a strong safeguarding approach, drawing upon his extensive prior experience to facilitate this mission.

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Marti di Martino

With over 12 years of expertise spanning homelessness services, substance misuse, working with perpetrators of domestic and sexual abuse within a criminal justice setting.  Marti brings invaluable insight to our team. Marti holds degrees in Criminology with Criminal Psychotherapy from Essex University and Forensic Psychology from Derby University.

As our Safeguarding and Wellbeing Manager, Marti plays a crucial role in ensuring the utmost care and protection for our clients. This includes co-leading the development of robust safeguarding policies, offering guidance on complex issues, and fostering collaboration across services to enhance client support. Marti also supports staff in safeguarding practices and promoting clients wellbeing, fostering a secure and supportive environment. Marti’s commitment is integral to our mission of creating a safe, supportive, and empowering environment for all clients at Palm Cove Society.

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Estelle Anekwe

In her role as Operations Manager for Palm Cove Society, Estelle is responsible for managing day-to-day operations within the organisation. Her role involves planning and implementing processes and procedures to improve quality, productivity and performance. In addition, Estelle’s role also includes the recruitment and management of staff.  Estelle works closely supporting our service managers who run our safehouses and outreach services and works in collaboration with Shilpa to ensure we deliver the best level of service to all clients and stakeholders.

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Gerard Stocks

Gerard Stocks is the Co- Founder and a Director of Palm Cove Society. Gerard has a financial background and has a logical and methodical approach in the workplace. Gerard is an entrepreneur who likes to help and empower people to be the best that they can be or want to be.

Palm Cove Society was incorporated on the 9th of March 2007 and from a standing start assisted the Founder of Palm Cove Society to build a company that has supported thousands of people throughout the years. Currently the organisation provides employment to 85 full time workers and is currently supporting 450 individuals (including children) daily.

Gerard is proud to have helped make a positive difference to people from over 100 countries. Gerard still has the appetite to grow the company further as it seeks to explore expansion by increasing the portfolio of Palm Cove Society nationally and internationally.

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Yvonne Stocks DL

For the past 17 years, Yvonne Stocks DL has been the driving force behind the social enterprise ‘Palm Cove Society’ Community Interest Company, and is committed to the safeguarding, support and advocacy of vulnerable persons and survivors of abuse or crime,

As a social entrepreneur, Yvonne has many attributes that include business savviness, a 1st Class BSc Honours degree in Midwifery Studies and 23 years’ experience in social care. Committed to the provision of relevant and appropriate services for vulnerable persons and survivors of abuse or crime, by utilising a keen business sense, Yvonne works tirelessly to foster constructive collaborations with colleagues in partner agencies such as law enforcement, health services, local and central government, universities, faith groups, non-government organisations, charities and various like-minded individuals to raise awareness that inform research and policy. This ensures survivor related facilities are easily accessible where vulnerable persons and survivors of abuse or crime can be safely accommodated, supported and successfully reintegrated into communities.

Yvonne works tirelessly, stealthily and with purpose on behalf of service users and vulnerable persons to make their lives better. Yvonne cites “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others” Nelson Mandela.

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Jordan Alexander

As Finance Director, Michelle provides the company financial information needed to assist the Board when making decisions towards the company strategic plans and visions. 

As it is imperative that the financial records are accurate for reporting and filing purposes, Michelle oversees the day-to-day recording and monitoring of the financial transactions and information processed.  Another important part of her role is being responsible for the processing of the monthly payroll

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Michelle Hall

As Finance Director, Michelle provides the company financial information needed to assist the Board when making decisions towards the company strategic plans and visions. 

As it is imperative that the financial records are accurate for reporting and filing purposes, Michelle oversees the day-to-day recording and monitoring of the financial transactions and information processed.  Another important part of her role is being responsible for the processing of the monthly payroll

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Karl Oxford

Karl has a background in community regeneration – supporting communities particularly affected by economic and social disadvantage, and has worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

He is the Director of UK, International, Enterprise and Enrichment initiatives. His role includes working with a wide range of external organisations and key stakeholder bodies to develop new and complimentary projects across his portfolio of responsibilities. His role as an Executive Director also includes joint oversight and management of the company.

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Shilpa Lakhnsi

In her role as Director of Operations for Palm Cove Society, Shilpa is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations alongside tactical and strategic aspects of the organisation. Her role requires close collaboration with our CEO, the rest of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), and the Board to maintain an efficient and sustainable delivery model. This involves developing long-term operational strategies, including our vision for the future.

Shilpa’s role is pivotal, as it sits at the heart of the organisation, providing services with a keen focus on our clients and stakeholders. Prioritising a comprehensive consideration of all factors that impact the organisation’s success, Shilpa ensures we deliver the best level of service to all clients and stakeholders.

Before taking on this position, Shilpa held Senior Leadership roles in both commercial and charitable sectors.

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A social entrepreneur is an individual or organization that uses entrepreneurial methods and innovative solutions to tackle pressing social or environmental issues while also striving for financial sustainability, aiming to create positive and lasting impact in society or the environment.

Unfortunately, we are not a direct access hostel, as we receive all our accommodation referrals from contracted providers.

However, should you require advice on where you can access safe, appropriate housing, please feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to sign post you!

We support vulnerable adults including survivors of trafficking and slavery, individuals fleeing domestic abuse and forced marriage.

We provide emergency accommodation and financial support in addition to personalised 1-to-1 social support. All of our clients are allocated their own advocacy worker who will support them with their social recovery needs and reintegration into the community in a way that incorporates their own wishes and values.  

Safehouses are accommodation that are safe and secure, confidential locations to house those fleeing abuse, exploitation and trafficking. Safehouses are designed to be a safe space for individuals to call their home while they reflect and recover from their past experiences until they are ready to move on into their own home.

The National Referral Mechanism is the United Kingdom’s governmental framework used to identify and refer those who have been victim of trafficking and slavery into appropriate support services.

Slavery is a crime that covers various forms of exploitation; trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour, debt bondage and forced marriage. 

Trafficking is the act of transporting, recruiting, or harbouring human beings with the intention to exploit them. Exploitation can be in the form of; criminality, organ removal, forced labour/prostitution, forced marriage.

NRPF stands for No Recourse To Public Funds. A person will have NRPF if they are subject to immigration control. Having no recourse means that a person is not eligible to access public funds such as state benefits, local authority housing should they require it. However, there are some exceptions to this.