Ms S married her husband, a British Citizen, abroad in her country of birth. Ms S confirms that this was a forced marriage arranged  between her parents and her husband’s parents. Following the marriage, Mr A stayed with Ms S family for one month before returning to the United Kingdom. During this time Ms S reports that her husband refused to communicate normally with her, instead he would use foul language towards her and shout at her.

When Mr A returned to the United Kingdom he would telephone his mother regularly but refuse to speak to his wife except on the odd occasion. Ms S states that on the occasions that she managed to speak to Mr A she would tell him that his mother was not treating her well, expecting her to do all the household chores and swearing at her. Her husband did not intervene and told her that “wives can be replaced but mothers cannot.”

When Ms S arrived in the United Kingdom on a Spousal Visa, Mr A and his male friend met her at the Airport and told Ms S that they were going to the friend’s house to eat. Ms S told her husband that she was unwell and extremely tired after the long journey and wished to go home and rest.

Her husband took her to the marital home and shouted at her, slapping her hard on the head. He accused Ms S of insulting him in front of his friend. Ms S stated that she went to the bedroom to lie down but her husband began to repeatedly slam the door to prevent her from resting. In the morning her husband continued shouting and verbally abusing her.

Ms S states that the following evening after she had gone to bed, her husband demanded sexual intercourse. Ms S explained to her husband that she was unwell; Ms S states that her husband then assaulted her and tried to rape her, grabbing her hair and throwing her down on the bed. Ms S managed to escape from the room and locked herself in the toilet where she was forced to spend the remainder of the night, as her husband then locked all the other rooms in the house.

The following morning Ms S reports that her husband attacked her again, this time threatening to kill her; he also threatened to mentally abuse her to such an extent that she would develop psychiatric problems at which point she could be deported.

Ms S explained that her husband then took her into the kitchen and held the back of her hands over the open gas fire flame. Ms S also states that Mr A held a knife previously heated in the gas flame, against her bare legs. He then grabbed her arm and slammed it against the table. As this was happening Mr A received a call on his mobile and left the house locking all the doors and telling her that he would kill her when he returned.

Ms S called out of the window to two people walking past, she begged them for help. They told her to call 999, which she did.

Police Officers removed Ms S from the property.

She is still recovering from her ordeal in the safe environment of Palm Cove Society where staff are helping her to come to terms with her situation.


Forced Marriage & Trafficking Case Study - Female 1