Mr Z was referred to Palm Cove Society by a Police Force Domestic Violence Team for urgent accommodation.

Mr Z was married to a British Citizen abroad.  He came to the UK on a Spousal Visa and joined his wife in the marital home. Mr Z advises that he found the atmosphere in the house unwelcoming, his sister in law would openly verbally abuse him yet his wife would stay quiet and listen. During the first week he was instructed to find a job as soon as possible and to give all his earnings to his wife. When he eventually found a job, he passed his wage to his wife as instructed, but she did not allow him to keep any of the money for his own use.

The situation grew worse over time; his wife would not involve him in any family activities but insisted that he complete all the domestic chores. He explains that his wife would find cause to argue with him continually and then threaten him with deportation. He also reports that his passport was removed from him by his wife’s brother; he was not allowed to open a bank account or make any decisions for himself.

His wife would not let Mr Z into the bedroom at times, making him sleep on the living room floor without any bedding, he was not permitted to sleep on the sofa and the heating would be switched off at night.

Mr Z felt neglected and isolated, he felt trapped and unwanted. Soon afterwards Ms B had a baby boy; Mr Z states that he was not allowed to select a name for his son and was not permitted to engage with the baby.

Mr Z wasn’t permitted to go out or socialise with anyone and he would be told to stay in his room when visitors came to the house.  He was also prevented from attending his doctor’s appointments and also confirms that his wife would physically attack him at times by hitting him repeatedly.

Mr Z began to feel that he couldn’t cope anymore. One day his wife pushed him out of the house and told him to go back to his country. He stayed in a local park for a day and was taken to the police by strangers and made at statement to the Police.  Police officers dropped him off at his friend’s house and asked him to stay there for a few days before accommodation was found for him with Palm Cove Society.

Mr Z is finding that his experiences of domestic abuse difficult to come to terms with. He is anxious and suffers from insomnia with flash backs. His Doctor has prescribed him medication to reduce the symptoms and Mr Z is awaiting the outcome of a referral for counselling.


Forced Marriage & Trafficking Case Study - Male 1