Client Quotes

“It has been perfect here. I feel secure. When I first came here I was very scared, but here I have been given the opportunity to learn and help myself. I had to leave my family and now feel like I have a new one.”

  • Female, Pakistan.

“You guys have saved my life, I have so much love for you guys. God bless palm cove.”

  • Male, Britain.

“Thank you so to everybody. I always felt like nothing ever went right for me, but here things are moving forward for me.”

  • Male, Bangladesh.

Refugee testimony

Being granted refugee status might mean all our problems are behind us, but on the contrary, problems just start…

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Forced Marriage & Trafficking Testimonial – Police Adult Protection Unit

May I first thank Palm Cove Society and both the staff members that I spoke to for your help and support in relation to my client. Working within the Adult Protection Unit your society is…

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A Domestic Violence Victim on a Spouse Visa

My name is Ms S, I am a woman from Uganda. I arrived in the UK in 2012 on a Spouse Visa. I was very happy to join my husband in the UK after a period of living apart.

Not long after my arrival my husband became so controlling and abusive towards me…

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A Student Testimony

“I would like to thank you all for the opportunity and the fantastic experience

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Justice for the Disbelieved

by HALLIKI VOOLMA a Phd Researcher, 04.12.2013:

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A Victim of Human Trafficking’s Story

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A University Student

A Bradford University Student on placement at Palm Cove Society has been offered the opportunity to work with us during her 2015 summer break. She wrote:

“Hi Yvonne and Gerard.  Just emailing you both to say Thank You once again…

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Executive Summary Domestic Abuse and Women With No Recourse to Public Funds

by Rebecca Dudley, a Phd Researcher 15.03.2014

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by HALLIKI VOOLMA a Phd Researcher, 4 December 2013: