About Palm Cove Society

Palm Cove Society provides supported accommodation to many individuals on a daily basis. Due to the success of our organisation since August 2007 we have provided accommodation to individuals from more than 108 different countries worldwide.

16387958_1317836368280372_5768421076384631605_n This makes Palm Cove Society truly unique and illustrates our capacity to provide sensitive support for our ever increasing culturally diverse residents. We operate as a halfway house to give individuals the breathing space required to develop life skills and the basic knowledge required for UK living. Many of our residents have now moved on into their own tenancies and are successfully integrated into their new found environment, many return or telephone periodically to access our outreach service. Palm Cove Society is a registered ‘Not for Profit’ Community Interest Company and as such is recognised as a social enterprise. A Social Enterprise is a business with ‘social objectives’, where surplus profits are reinvested back into the company for the benefit of the community rather than being driven by the need to maximise profits for shareholders or company owners. Learn more about what makes a Community Interest Company Palm Cove has been incorporated by social entrepreneurs who have recognised a social problem and are using entrepreneurial principles to organise, create, and manage this venture. In accordance with the relevant regulatory bodies, Palm Cove Society has adequate employers and public liability insurance. It also has relevant policies and procedures in respect of Health & Safety at Work, Child Protection, Equal Opportunities and DBS certificates for all staff.