Jacob (not his real name) was trafficked into the UK in 2010, he was told by his traffickers that he could earn a good wage in the UK. Jacobs journey was planned and paid for by the traffickers. The day he arrived in the UK, his ID documents were taken and he was put straight to work. Jacob was never paid for the work he did, he worked 7 days a week, 10-12 hours a day and was given left over food to eat. Jacob was subjected to regular beatings from the traffickers, however he was too frightened to leave, as he had nowhere to go and no identification.

Following a tip-off to police by a member of the public, Jacob was rescued and taken to the police station and later brought to Palm Cove Society. At Palm Cove Society, amongst other things, he received emotional support, obtained replacement ID documents and supported accommodation.

Jacob has finally managed to move on with his life. His traffickers have since been tried in court and sentenced to 8 years behind bars.

Palm Cove Society

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Unfortunately, we are not a direct access hostel, as we receive all our accommodation referrals from contracted providers.

However, should you require advice on where you can access safe, appropriate housing, please feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to sign post you!

We support vulnerable adults including survivors of trafficking and slavery, individuals fleeing domestic abuse and forced marriage.

We provide emergency accommodation and financial support in addition to personalised 1-to-1 social support. All of our clients are allocated their own advocacy worker who will support them with their social recovery needs and reintegration into the community in a way that incorporates their own wishes and values.  

Safehouses are accommodation that are safe and secure, confidential locations to house those fleeing abuse, exploitation and trafficking. Safehouses are designed to be a safe space for individuals to call their home while they reflect and recover from their past experiences until they are ready to move on into their own home.

The National Referral Mechanism is the United Kingdom’s governmental framework used to identify and refer those who have been victim of trafficking and slavery into appropriate support services.

Slavery is a crime that covers various forms of exploitation; trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour, debt bondage and forced marriage. 

Trafficking is the act of transporting, recruiting, or harbouring human beings with the intention to exploit them. Exploitation can be in the form of; criminality, organ removal, forced labour/prostitution, forced marriage.

NRPF stands for No Recourse To Public Funds. A person will have NRPF if they are subject to immigration control. Having no recourse means that a person is not eligible to access public funds such as state benefits, local authority housing should they require it. However, there are some exceptions to this.