Client Quotes

“It has been perfect here. I feel secure. When I first came here I was very scared, but here I have been given the opportunity to learn and help myself. I had to leave my family and now feel like I have a new one.”

“You guys have saved my life, I have so much love for you guys. God bless palm cove.”

“Thank you so to everybody. I always felt like nothing ever went right for me, but here things are moving forward for me.”

Refugee testimony

Being granted refugee status might mean all our problems are behind us, but on the contrary, problems just start. From my own experience, I can declare that the life of a refugee is difficult, especially in a country where the language and culture is different.  When you find yourself evicted without a roof above your head, penny less and no friends.

This happened to me when my asylum support stopped and I was evicted, penny less and trying to pull myself together I started searching for the light at the end of a tunnel. Then I found the palm of hope and the hand of help (Palm Cove Society). Prior to talking about them, I must tell you I will always remember the beautiful woman with a lovely smile (not fake as with so many other people) opening the door welcoming me with a well-dressed gentleman.

I was not asked what do you want or how can I help but instead they said can we offer you a cup of tea or coffee – this was even in an office environment. I immediately felt that I am between friends and family. I started breathing again and felt I am a human being and I knew that I was going to sleep in a bed.

I was welcomed in to Palm Cove Society as a dear friend and they asked me about my qualifications and about my family and they gave me the opportunity to make a phone call back home from their office at which point I burst into tears and they made me another cup of tea.  I remember these moments and I can afford to laugh and appreciate everything they did to support me.

Because of their support I went to Bradford University and to be brief I am finishing my PHD as a cancer researcher.  I can proudly state ‘trust Palm Cove Society, they are sincere people with big hearts and are not only willing to house refugees like you and me but to support us even years after we have left them’.

I keep visiting once or twice a year and believe it or not they stop their meetings if a former resident like me comes without an appointment and they won’t put you down. Yvonne will see me with her big beautiful smile and Gerard with a cup of tea ready for me.

With Great Love and Respect to Palm Cove Society I Can Now Say I am a Dr. T.K.

A Refugee Testimony

Forced Marriage & Trafficking Testimonial – Police Adult Protection Unit

May I first thank Palm Cove Society and both the staff members that I spoke to for your help and support in relation to my client. Working within the Adult Protection Unit your society is greatly appreciated and needed during the course of our duty.

The unit I work within deals with all the Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage issues and as you can imagine they are not only time consuming, but there is little to no knowledge/support regarding these cases (from a professional level).

I believe having worked with a number of vulnerable females now, there is little support especially for ladies who like my client are on Spouse Visas and have No Recourse to Public Funds.

I would like to give my thanks for your speedy response to my referral, and I have to say this was the quickest and friendliest service I have had the pleasure of dealing with, you are doing a great job and believe me there are not a lot of you out there.

From a police point of view, your charity is greatly received and you are a new found asset to our unit.

Thank you so much for your help today and see you again no doubt.

A Police Adult Protection Unit, UK

Forced Marriage & Trafficking Testimonial – Police Adult Protection Unit

A Domestic Violence Victim on a Spouse Visa

My name is Ms S, I am a woman from Uganda. I arrived in the UK on a Spouse Visa. I was very happy to join my husband in the UK after a period of living apart.

Not long after my arrival my husband began being so controlling and abusive towards me and I never knew the reasons for his change in behaviour.

His abusive and violent behaviour became worse and his violence increased, one example was when he put me in a headlock to strangle me, he then threw a hot water bottles at me and pushed me against the wall pinning me there whilst yelling at me. The violent behaviours that I was subjected to by my husband made me feel stressed and depressed.

I was always frightened of him as I didn’t know what was running through his mind to make him behave like that. One day my husband locked me out of the house and threw a number of my belongings at me.

I stood outside for some hours hoping that he would open up for me but he didn’t.  I called the police just after midnight and they came to the house around 2am and they helped me to find a place to spend the night.  The following morning my husband was taken into custody and charged with assault.  I then got in touch with a Domestic Violence Service who connected me to Palm Cove Society.

I arrived at Palm Cove Society and was given a warm welcome by the project workers. They gave me great advice and provided me with accommodation in a comfortable and safe place.  They then went on to help me to access benefits, good health care and the hospital treatment that I needed.

They supported my visa application and I got my Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

Palm Cove Staff are very friendly and supportive, and this made me feel at home.  I am now a happy person and delighted with my achievement.

My deepest appreciation goes to all the Palm Cove Society staff for their invaluable support. Their support has made such a difference in my life.

The staff made sure I was given knowledge about my rights in relation to relationships and domestic violence and also showered me with love, support and care.

I am going to leave Palm Cove Society because I have now got a job. But I will miss the staff and the other residents who are now my close friends. I will miss this comfortable and safe home.

God bless you and thanks a lot.

A Domestic Violence Victim on a Spouse Visa.

A Domestic Violence Victim on a Spouse Visa

Student Testimonials

“I would like to thank you all for the opportunity and the fantastic experience.  You are a great team, actually the Best.

I will miss you all.”

A Student Testimony student

A Bradford University Student on placement at Palm Cove Society has been offered the opportunity to work with us during her 2015 summer break. She wrote:

“Hi Yvonne and Gerard.  Just emailing you both to say Thank You once again.  I can’t thank you enough for this fantastic opportunity to work here for the summer.  I have loved every minute of being here and can’t wait to officially start as an employee.  Palm Cove Society is one of the best organisations I have ever come across and for me to be part of it is overwhelming.  I appreciate all the help and advice I have gained from yourselves and staff here.  I hope to make a difference and carry on making positive impact on people’s lives.  Once again Thank You for this brilliant opportunity.”


A University Student

Executive Summary Domestic Abuse and Women With No Recourse to Public Funds

This Executive Summary outlines findings and recommendations from research to identify the experience of women who are subject to immigration control and experience domestic abuse in the UK.

Palm Cove Society

Gerard Stocks

Gerard Stocks is the Co- Founder and a Director of Palm Cove Society. Gerard has a financial background and has a logical and methodical approach in the workplace. Gerard is an entrepreneur who likes to help and empower people to be the best that they can be or want to be.

Palm Cove Society was incorporated on the 9th of March 2007 and from a standing start assisted the Founder of Palm Cove Society to build a company that has supported thousands of people throughout the years. Currently the organisation provides employment to 85 full time workers and is currently supporting 450 individuals (including children) daily.

Gerard is proud to have helped make a positive difference to people from over 100 countries. Gerard still has the appetite to grow the company further as it seeks to explore expansion by increasing the portfolio of Palm Cove Society nationally and internationally.

0113 230 2271

Yvonne Stocks DL

For the past 17 years, Yvonne Stocks DL has been the driving force behind the social enterprise ‘Palm Cove Society’ Community Interest Company, and is committed to the safeguarding, support and advocacy of vulnerable persons and survivors of abuse or crime,

As a social entrepreneur, Yvonne has many attributes that include business savviness, a 1st Class BSc Honours degree in Midwifery Studies and 23 years’ experience in social care. Committed to the provision of relevant and appropriate services for vulnerable persons and survivors of abuse or crime, by utilising a keen business sense, Yvonne works tirelessly to foster constructive collaborations with colleagues in partner agencies such as law enforcement, health services, local and central government, universities, faith groups, non-government organisations, charities and various like-minded individuals to raise awareness that inform research and policy. This ensures survivor related facilities are easily accessible where vulnerable persons and survivors of abuse or crime can be safely accommodated, supported and successfully reintegrated into communities.

Yvonne works tirelessly, stealthily and with purpose on behalf of service users and vulnerable persons to make their lives better. Yvonne cites “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others” Nelson Mandela.

0113 230 2271

Jordan Alexander

As Finance Director, Michelle provides the company financial information needed to assist the Board when making decisions towards the company strategic plans and visions. 

As it is imperative that the financial records are accurate for reporting and filing purposes, Michelle oversees the day-to-day recording and monitoring of the financial transactions and information processed.  Another important part of her role is being responsible for the processing of the monthly payroll

0113 230 2271

Michelle Hall

As Finance Director, Michelle provides the company financial information needed to assist the Board when making decisions towards the company strategic plans and visions. 

As it is imperative that the financial records are accurate for reporting and filing purposes, Michelle oversees the day-to-day recording and monitoring of the financial transactions and information processed.  Another important part of her role is being responsible for the processing of the monthly payroll

0113 230 2271

Karl Oxford

Karl has a background in community regeneration – supporting communities particularly affected by economic and social disadvantage, and has worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

He is the Director of UK, International, Enterprise and Enrichment initiatives. His role includes working with a wide range of external organisations and key stakeholder bodies to develop new and complimentary projects across his portfolio of responsibilities. His role as an Executive Director also includes joint oversight and management of the company.

0113 230 2271

Shilpa Lakhnsi

In my role as Director of Operations for Palm Cove Society I am responsible for overseeing day to day operations alongside tactical and strategic aspects of the organisation. My role requires me to work closely with our CEO, rest of the SLT and the Board to continue our efficient and sustainable delivery model.  This involves developing long term operational strategies including our vision for the future.

My role is pivotal, and it sits at the heart of the organisation providing services with a keen focus on our clients and stakeholders. The ability to consider all angles that affect the organisations success is priority for me as this allows us to provide the best level of service possible to all clients and stakeholders.

Prior to this position I held Senior Operational Management roles that supported women and children fleeing domestic abuse and individuals seeking Asylum in the UK.

0113 230 2271

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A social entrepreneur is an individual or organization that uses entrepreneurial methods and innovative solutions to tackle pressing social or environmental issues while also striving for financial sustainability, aiming to create positive and lasting impact in society or the environment.

Unfortunately, we are not a direct access hostel, as we receive all our accommodation referrals from contracted providers.

However, should you require advice on where you can access safe, appropriate housing, please feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to sign post you!

We support vulnerable adults including survivors of trafficking and slavery, individuals fleeing domestic abuse and forced marriage.

We provide emergency accommodation and financial support in addition to personalised 1-to-1 social support. All of our clients are allocated their own advocacy worker who will support them with their social recovery needs and reintegration into the community in a way that incorporates their own wishes and values.  

Safehouses are accommodation that are safe and secure, confidential locations to house those fleeing abuse, exploitation and trafficking. Safehouses are designed to be a safe space for individuals to call their home while they reflect and recover from their past experiences until they are ready to move on into their own home.

The National Referral Mechanism is the United Kingdom’s governmental framework used to identify and refer those who have been victim of trafficking and slavery into appropriate support services.

Slavery is a crime that covers various forms of exploitation; trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labour, debt bondage and forced marriage. 

Trafficking is the act of transporting, recruiting, or harbouring human beings with the intention to exploit them. Exploitation can be in the form of; criminality, organ removal, forced labour/prostitution, forced marriage.

NRPF stands for No Recourse To Public Funds. A person will have NRPF if they are subject to immigration control. Having no recourse means that a person is not eligible to access public funds such as state benefits, local authority housing should they require it. However, there are some exceptions to this.